Flower Petal Bracelet
Who is Floral Rosary?  Floral Rosaries was started with two sisters; Colette Green and Jeanette Rodolfo. These sisters are sixteen months apart (Irish Twins) and have always been inseparable.  
Colette and Jeanette went to Catholic School together, played and grew up together.  They had two children each in the same years, active members of their parish and live only fifteen minutes apart.  Jeanette and Colette decided to make rosaries from flowers for their families during a loss of a beloved family member. 
This is when their passion grew for the Holy Rosary.  They have been making rosaries from fresh and dried flowers throughout their community and the country for over ten years all through word of mouth and integrity.   For every flower petal rosary, jewelry, and key chain they make they always reflect and keep in mind of the families for whom they are making them.  Their mission is to give something tangible to hold and to have more of us pray the "Holy Rosary".   Join Floral Rosary on facebook to keep track of your order and to get feedback from their other clients.  All orders are completed within 3 to 4 months of receipt.  For every order that is received a confirmation email will be sent to you.  Send them your fresh or dried flowers and in return you will have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind rosaries made from flowers.  
Flowers turned into rosaries using my flowers?  Yes, Floral Rosary creates handmade rosaries made with your flowers. A Floral Rosary is a keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation.  Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We carry a wide range of designs to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown in our gallery. Please call or email for more information on products and custom options. 
Remember the heirloom flowers, the roses or perennials your grandmother grew in her flower bed? You could design a beautiful flower petal rosary made from her garden and give it as a gift for the whole family.
The flowers from your wedding bouquet and your groom's boutineer would make a wonderful wedding rosary or unity wedding lasso rosary that can be passed down through generations.  Flowers from any occasion, Communion, Confirmation, all your sacaraments  can be made into a wonderful keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.  With just a couple of flowers, we will create a beautiful flower petal rosary or flower petal jewelry.
The flowers from a loved ones' funeral can make a sentimental rosary.  Whether it's the flower spray or the rose rosary from the casket a floral rosary can be 
a source of comfort while reciting the rosary.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service.

In 2015 and 2016, we started working with the University of Notre Dame and have completed over 100 floral rosaries from their flowers. 

We have many accounts and referrals with flower shops and funeral homes.   If you would like more information on how to send us flowers; the last rosary please give us a call. 

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