Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we also ship to CANADA. Shipping charges may vary outside the United States.

Where do I mail the flowers?

Floral Rosary
65 Bailey Road
New Hampton, NY 10958

How do I mail the flowers to you?

  • When mailing your flowers please cut the stems off. The stems hold water which can cause your flowers to mold quickly.
  • Wrap you flower petals loosely in paper–never in plastic.
  • Enclose the completed order form available at this website, or a note with your flowers letting us know what items you would like.
  • Payment is expected at the time of the order.  When we receive your flower petals it should include payment otherwise we will consider your flowers abandoned.
  • Sometimes the moisture in the flower can dampen the order form and check.  Please put the order form and payment in with your order but keep it from the flower petals.  We suggest a zip lock bag to place the payment and order form.

How do I know you received my flowers?

Make sure you include your email address and give us a couple of days. We will let you know when your flowers have been recieved.

How long should my order take?

Approximately twelve weeks

What kind of flower petals can be used?

Any type, be it the traditional rose or an Iris.

Does the flower need to be fresh or dried?

Either way is fine. All flower petals will be dried during the beading process. Your flower can be as fresh as the first day or dried from years ago.

How many flowers are needed for my order?

Two flowers for a full rosary and one for all other items.

What will you do with the extra remaining flowers?

We will hold the remaining flowers up to one year if you choose to place another order.

I would like to give a rosary as a bridal gift---How can I do this without the bridal flowers?

We offer gift certificates! Makes a wonderful gift–we will send you a gift certificate along with a Floral Rosary card explaining what we do with the flowers. Only two flowers are needed for a rosary and one flower for all our other items.

Gift Certificates are a great idea for flowers that are given on Mother’s Day, Birthday Flowers, Anniversary Bouquets, and Flowers given on all your sacraments.

We have many accounts and referrals with flower shops and funeral homes. If you would like more information on how to send us funeral flowers; the last rosary please give us a call.